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On Long Island we're taking you to a place of war where you can enjoy the beautiful view from the highest lighthouse in the Adriatic Sea, a quiet pine forest with the sound of cicadas and swimming on the beaches of incredible blue of the clear sea.

To make the experience complete also take you to lunch at a local restaurant on the island Molat.




In the central part of the Croatian Adriatic, in the Šibenik and Zadar town, there is a separate and amazing group of islands named Kornati.

Because of the beauty, interesting geomorphology, indented coastline and particularly the rich marine life in 1980. most of the Kornati archipelago was declared a national park.


Caves Novigrad


Caves Novigrad


Waterfals of Krka


Krka is savage and the most turbulent rivers Croatia. Beautiful canyon with many waterfalls and cascades, and a unique blend of rare specimens of flora and fauna extends to 109 km2, rafting center.

The National Park is a spacious, largely unchanged region of exceptional and multifaceted natural value, and includes one or more preserved or insignificantly altered ecosystems.





Bay Telašćica is located in the central part of the eastern coast of the Adriatic Sea, in the southeastern part of Long Island.

Thanks to its exceptional beauty, wealth and importance, this bay surrounded by 13 islands and islets, which includes six islands inside the bay.




Safari trip by microbus,

1-4 persons.

Total price per group 600,00 Kn

4 - 10 persons

Total price per group 600,00 Kn

For bigger groups - individual price


Zečevo (by boat)


Half day tour,

1-8 persons

Skipper and fuel included

Toatal price per group 280 €

For bigger groups - individual price




Zrće is different from Ibiza, Ibiza because it promoting progressive and extreme music on Zrće prevalent cheerful, commercial, summer music acceptable to a wide audience. Strongly flirts with mainstream music and it Zrce wants to be.

Promotes the youth tourism as a niche market covering the youth ranging from 16 to 29., According to statistical data, on the beach Zrce through an entire season pass them 300 000 young people from 52 countries.


War museum Karlovac


Are exposed to the war museum exhibits that were used in the nation war such as guns, howitzers, armored personal carriers, etc.




Entrance to the canyons of Velika Paklenica and Mala, one of the fundamental phenomena because of its geological, hydrological, Karst, flora and animals.

Streams Large and Malal Paklenica provide great value to the entire area, and karst, spring and autumn with its torrential power and dissolving limestone canyon deepens.


Caves Cerovačke


Caves cerovačke are the largest cave complex in Croatia.

Were discovered during the construction of a railway from the Gracac Cerovec first small station to Knin.

At that station are named. The upper cave is 1200 m long and 2400 m below.


Plitvička jezera


A series of 16 large and small, blue and green lakes separated by travertine barriers, unique worldwide phenomenon and as such, under the protection of UNESCO.

Waterfalls and cascades complete this beauty.




Water mill village located at the site where the blue-green waters Slunjčica flows into the river Korana.

Most mills were built in the late 19th and early 20 century.

Because of its unique natural beauty and historical tradition as a settlement Rastoke are listed 1962nd under the protection of the State Administration of Cultural and Historical Heritage.




Velebit is very rich in caves, but still not sufficiently explored.

On it are hundreds of deep caves and cave (The pit, Mamet, Manita, Kusa 1, 2 Kusa, Čulinka, Čavlinka, Ulysses Cave and Queen Bukovica), but the most popular are still Cerovacke caves located in the southern part of the Nature Park "Velebit"


Zrmanja canyon


Rivers in northern Dalmatia 69 km long, with a strong light source beneath the Velebit mountain at an altitude of 395 m, affects the Novigrad sea.

In the upper part river formed valley 7 km wide, while below Zvonigrad (remnants of the medieval town above Zrnanje) flows through the canyon to its estuary.


island Molat








Ston wall



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